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[Sanskrit,=knowledge, cognate with English wit, from a root meaning know], oldest scriptures of Hinduism and the most ancient religious texts in an Indo-European language.
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But the Yasna Haptanhaiti has nothing like the disputations found in the Brahmanas; it compares more, I think, to the nivids (Isidor Scheftelowitz, "Die Nividas und Praisas, die altesten vedischen Prosatexte," ZDMG 73 [1919]: 30-50; Theodor Proferes, "The Relative Chronology of the nivids and praisas and the Standardisation of Vedic Ritual," IIJ 57 [2014]: 199-221) and the ritual formulas found in the Yajurveda.
The first time the Yajurveda Mandir was opened after Sai Baba's death was on April 24.
Sacred formulas known as mantras were recited by the priest responsible for the sacrificial fire and the carrying out of the ceremony; these mantras and verses in time were drawn into Samhitas known collectively as Yajurveda.
4-5 Willis tries to prove that Brahmins of the Maitrayaniya school of the Black Yajurveda played a special role at the Gupta court, but his argument is fraught with problems, one of which is again the use of epigraphical evidence emanating from Gupta vassals as though this evidence pertains to the Gupta court itself.
Meanwhile, the Anantapur District Superintendent of Police Shahnawaz Qasim has reiterated that the seized cash had come from Yajurveda Mandir, the residential quarters of Sai Baba.
A major highlight of this Vedic seminar was the chanting of the four Vedas - Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharveda by the delegates and the devotees.
Some members of the Trust yesterday met with Ratnakar and held an emergency meeting at the Yajurveda Mandir to discuss the situation.
sahagamana was a recognized practice in Kashmir among members of the Kathaka school of the Black Yajurveda, to which, significantly, the author of the Vaisnava Dharmasastra almost certainly belonged (Olivelle 2009: 5-7).
The body was first taken to Yajurveda, the residence of Baba and then shifted to Sai Kulwant Hall of the ashram, where Sai Baba used to talk to his devotees every morning and evening till recently.
A similar difficulty arises with his use of the Jaiminiya Brdhmana, in which certain passages are near copies from the White Yajurveda tradition, rather than independent attestations.
The same holds for his original treatment of the Yajurveda in chapter 7.
Yajurveda Samhita (first published 1899 as The Hymns of the Yajur Veda) [the original publication dates are not recoverable from the bibliography], but readers outside the field--the majority presumably, since this book is of more relevance to Latinists than to Vedicists--will be misled into thinking that the former is a modern treatment of the religious system of ancient India and the latter an up-to-date translation of an early text (the Vajasaneyi Samhita, by the way, not the mischaracterized Yajur Veda).