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river, China: see YalongYalong
or Ya-lung
, river, c.800 mi (1,290 km) long, rising in the Kunlun Mts., S Qinghai prov., W China, and flowing S across W Sichuan prov. to the Chang River near the Yunnan border. It flows through deep gorges and is one of the Chang's longest tributaries.
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The current tallest dam is the 305m-tall Jinping-I Dam, a concrete arch dam on the Jinping bend of the Yalong River in Liangshan, Sichuan, China.
The second one was signed with Yalong River Hydro Development Company, Ltd.
Ertan Hydropower plant is located on the downstream of YaLong River, China.
The transmission link, due to be operational in 2013, will be able to carry 7,200 MW of hydropower across 2,090 km, from the Yalong river in the southwestern province of Sichuan to Jiangsu province on the eastern coast of China.
The hydropower station, which straddles the Yalong River in Sichuan~s Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, has an installed generating capacity of three gigawatts with a total reservoir capacity of 10.
The hydropower station is among a string of hydroelectric installations that have been built or will be built along the Yalong River.
elongata were collected legally in the Yalong River of Panzhihua, from June to August 2002 and from April to June 2004, and in the Mudong reach of the Yangtze River, from October 2004 to November 2005.
ABB's transformers will facilitate the transmission of 7,200 MW of electricity across more than 2,000 km, from Yalong river in the southwestern province of Sichuan to Jiangsu province on the east coast of China.