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, city, NW European Russia, SW of St. Petersburg, near the Estonian border, on the Luga River. A river port, it has leather and shoe industries. The site was settled in the 9th cent., and the fortress of Yam was founded there in 1384 as a frontier post of Novgorod.
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, Russia.
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Jamburgi pold, talu 'Yamburg field, farm' (PNA, PNR) (Kos) < Jamburg 'Yamburg'.
Tatarstan is crossed by the main gas pipelines carrying natural gas from Urengoy and Yamburg to the west and the major oil pipelines supplying oil to various cities in the European part of Russia.
(67) The structure of these exports hasn't changed much; one expert notes that "[e]ver since Soviet times, Russian gas production has been relying on three large gas condensate fields at Urengoy, Yamburg and Medvezhe, in North-Western Siberia." (68) Whereas the structure of most energy relationships can shift rapidly, the way natural gas is exported implies a slow evolution in its export stats.
Most of these reserves are located in Siberia, with the Yamburg, Urengoy, and Medvezh'ye fields alone accounting for over 40% of Russia's total, while other big deposits are in northern Russia.
That is why it was decided to send the geological mission east of the Narva river, the region of the Veimarn railway station in the county of Yamburg (Kingissepp today) [17].
Ural Airlines said Monday it removed a Tupolev Tu-154M from its fleet after its last flight Sunday from Yamburg (Western Siberia) to Ekaterinburg.
The most important fields (Yamburg, Urengoy and Medvezhye) in Yamal, Western Siberia, which currently satisfy most of Europe's gas demand, are in decline.
Production at the country's three biggest fields (Yamburg, Urengoy and Medvezh'ye) is decidedly in terminal decline.
The "giant fields" of Yamburg, Urengoy, and Medvezh'ye, which currently account for more than 60 percent of total Russian production, have started to decline.
Rusya Avrupa'ya gonderdigi dogal gazin onemli miktarmi 1970'lerden bu yana islettigi ve Rusya'nin en onemli yataklari olarak nitelenen Bati Sibirya'daki Yamburg, Urengoy ve Medvezhye'den elde etmektedir.