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, city (1994 est. pop. 1,642,300), capital of Shanxi prov., N China, on the Fen River, in one of the world's richest coal and iron areas. It is a mining and smelting center with a large iron and steel complex and plants making heavy machinery, chemicals, plastics,
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, China.
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The bus plunged after coming out of a tunnel in the frontline town of Yanggu, Gangwon Province, around 5 p.
Lifter Elien Rose Perez captured three gold medals in the 2017 Asian Senior Cup Weightlifting Championships in Yanggu, South Korea.
63) Lee et al (64,65) demonstrated that acupuncture at Yanggu ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; SI-5) reduced morphine-seeking (craving) behaviour following abstinence after both a fixed ratio (FR) schedule and progressive ratio (PR) schedule, with c-Fos expression in both VTA and NAc suppressed.
27 August 2014 - China's Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Co Ltd (XGC), acting through its wholly-owned subsidiary Hong Kong Xiangguang International Holdings Limited, has bought some 27m shares in Cyprus-based minerals development and exploration company EMED Mining Public Ltd (TSE:EMD), the latter said in a statement today.
Buyer: Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Co Ltd , Hong Kong Xiangguang International Holdings Limited
In September 2012, Nexans concluded the acquisition of a 75 per cent stake in a joint venture Shandong Yanggu New Rihui to enter energy infrastructure market in China.
In 2009, 400 industry leaders, experts, and scholars, and corporation delegates attended the First National Seminar on Fire-Retardant and Environmental Wood-Based Composites in Yanggu, Shandong Province, which provided a forum for in-depth discussion and exchange on the production technology and product applications of fire retardant-treated and environmental wood-based composites.
The company stated that the copper concentrates are consigned to Yanggu Xingguang Copper Company.
Almost exactly a year before that, shots were fired one evening, hitting a guard post in nearby Yanggu County.
I would like to hear from anyone who participated in Operation Gray Box near Yanggu, North Korea (now South Korea), Aug.
Bishop Zhao Fengchang, 66, was ordained bishop of Yanggu and apostolic administrator of Linqing, both ecclesial territories in China's eastern Shandong province.
Dong E, located northeast of present-day Yanggu xian [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] in Shandong, belonged to the state of Qi, and Xi E, east of present-day Baoding [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] city in Hebei, belonged to the state of Zhao.