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(yäo͞ondā`), city (1990 est. pop. 750,000), capital of Cameroon. It is the country's administrative, financial, and communications center. Manufactures include cigarettes, dairy products, clay and glass goods, and lumber. Yaoundé is a regional trade center for coffee, cacao, copra, sugarcane, and rubber. The city is at a highway junction and is on Cameroon's main railroad. Yaoundé was founded in 1888 by German traders as a base for tapping the ivory trade. It was occupied by Belgian troops during World War I and after the war was (except for 1940–46) the capital of French Cameroon. Yaoundé is the site of the Univ. of Yaoundé, which includes schools of teaching and agriculture. The city has many other educational and research institutes, including a school of administration and law and a school of journalism.



(also Yaunde), the capital of Cameroon and the administrative center of the South Central Province. Yaoundé is situated on a plateau at an elevation of 750 m. The climate is equatorial. The average January temperature is 22.8°C, and the average July temperature is 20.7°C. Annual precipitation totals 1,600 mm. Population, 178,000 (1976).

Yaoundé was founded in 1888 as the center of the German colonial administration. It was made the capital of Eastern Cameroon, a mandated territory of France, in 1922 and was named the capital of independent Cameroon in 1960. With a railroad station and a large airport, Yaoundé is an important through transportation center for the interior regions of Cameroon, the Central African Republic, and the Republic of Chad.

Industry includes food processing (particularly cocoa butter, beer, and tobacco), metalworking, and the manufacture of wood products. The city also has garment factories. Yaoundé is the commercial center of an agricultural region devoted largely to export products, such as cocoa, coffee, and palm kernels.

Educational institutions in Yaoundé include a university, which opened in 1962 and had approximately 6,600 students in 1976–77 academic year; the Higher Normal School, which trains secondary school teachers; the Advanced School of Agriculture; the National School of Administration; and the International Polytechnical School of Yaoundé. The principal libraries are the National Library of Cameroon (10,000 volumes in 1976) and the library of the University of Yaoundé (65,000 volumes).

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The seventh and final priority, which comes from the desire to strengthen the security of the country, is to construct additional gendarmerie and police stations in the large urban centres of Yaounde and Douala.
The objectives were to characterize the production systems of leafy vegetables, identify the species of traditional leafy vegetables grown in the inland valleys of Yaounde, identify sources of supply and quality of seed produced, and analyze the constraints on production and the distribution of quality seeds in this sector.
In a statement, the Cameroon Football Federation said it ''regrets to announce'' that the squad's departure from Yaounde on a plane put aside for its use had been delayed.
We detected HoV in 65 (69%) of the 94 pooled samples: 2 (15%) of 13 from Bamenda, 39 (70%) of 56 from Douala, and 24 (96%) of 25 from Yaounde.
The Al-Ittihad striker is sure to miss the game in Yaounde as he has had an operation on the meniscus cartilage on his knee and is not expected to be fit for the important clash.
reported a 52% prevalence for sexual activity in Yaounde secondary schools in 1997 (11), few studies describing sexual activity in Cameroonian school adolescents have been reported.
The accident occurred near Bafia, about 135km from Yaounde, the capital.
Summary: Yaounde - Lower House Speaker Abdelouahed Radi handed, here Thursday, a written message sent from HM King Mohammed VI to Cameroon's President Paul Biya.
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Failure by African governments to prepare adequately may rob millions of people access to the vaccine, said Wilfred Mbacham, a public health biotechnologist from the University of Yaounde in Cameroon.
of Yaounde II, Cameroon) prepared this treatise specifically for the November 2007 Mali Global Conference of Community of Democracies.