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kava or kavakava (käˈvəkäˌvə): see pepper.
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(also, kavakava, Piper methysticum), a shrub of the family Piperaceae (pepper). It grows on the Polynesian Islands and New Guinea. The local population uses the stems, leaves, and rhyzomes of the plant to make a stimulating and highly intoxicating beverage.

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The usually teetotal duke, whose preferred drink is mineral water, had by now downed numerous cups of yaqona during ceremonies on his eight-day tour.
These Christian concepts are pertinent to the life in the maniaba, the fale, the falaga and the yaqona vakaturaga.
Times were arranged for collective fasting, and temporary prohibitions were placed on the consumption of kava (yaqona) and tobacco.
Yet this structuring of space is in sharp contrast to Fijian Methodism, where teaching and leadership emanate from the socially higher (i cake) part of the church, just as a chief sits at the socially highest place in a yaqona ceremony (Toren 1990).
They come to us to seek our permission with a traditional offer of yaqona [kava].
(4.) Kava (in Fijian, yaqona) is the name of a plant (Piper methysticum) and also the beverage made from it.
This stay in Serea began with my installation at the sacred top of the yaqona ceremony in the chief's house (Abramson 1993).
The Christian God as a transcendent source of mana and ritual practices (as, for example, drinking kava or, yaqona, in a formal setup) point up two other possible ways of providing structural contexts for intellectually and experientially connecting Fijian spirituality with Christianity.
As the dissidents muttered into their beer or yaqona, George would typically challenge 'You people sit here and talk.
According to the radio report, at dusk on that day in July 2000 a yaqona ceremony was presented to the hostages before they were released as a sign of apology, and Mahendra Chaudhry was the first to drink from the cup.
allows reciprocal exchanges across houses to be transformed in yaqona