(full name, Yaqut ibn Abdullah al-Rumi; also Yaqut ibn Abdullah al-Hamawi). Born 1179; died Aug. 20, 1229, in Aleppo. Arab philologist, geographer, and writer.

Yaqut was born in Asia Minor of Greek parents. He traveled the coast and the islands of the Persian Gulf and the southern Arabian Peninsula, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Khwarazm, and Iraq. He was a Kharijite. Yaqut was the author of the biographical dictionary Mujam al Udaba, which contained approximately 1,100 biographies of Arab literary figures and scholars of the seventh to the early 13th centuries, and the geographic dictionary Mujam al-Buldan, which summarized Arabic geographic literature of the pre-Mongol period.


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Iraq, the territory of Rabi'a, situated towards the east of the Peninsula, [its language] has been corrupted by its mixing with the languages of the Persians and Nabataeans and with the language of the Christians of al-Hira [an ancient town three miles of al-Kufa; see Yaqut, Buldan, sub HIra].
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Prominent among the Islamic art collections are a rare Mufradat manuscript copied by 13th century Iraqi calligrapher Yaqut al Musta'simi and estimated at Au800,000-Au1200,000, a copy of the Holy Quran written entirely in gold from the 16th century Safavid Herat or Bukhara (Au200,000-300,000) and a blue Quran folio from 9th century Kairouan (Au30,000-50,000).
681/1282), in his biographical dictionary Wafayat al-a'yan wa anba' abna' al-zaman includes a brief, neutral biography of Ghazali, in which he mentions a small list of works as well as poetry attributed to Ghazali and the eulogy quoted by Yaqut al-Hamawi.
Karim Yaqut won the 65-kilometre race that involved 55 cyclists from four teams, Mohammad Sadiq Sadiqi, the cycling federation chief, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Notons tout d'abord la variete du vocabulaire avec laquelle les ecrivains arabes designerent le site de Magra : al-Ya'qubi : madina autour de laquelle il y a de nombreuses fortifications (laha husun katira); Ibn Hawqal : manzil possedant un poste de guet (manzil fihi aydan marsad) ; al-Muqaddasi : madina ; al-Bakri : madina avec un territoire important (balad kabir) ; al-Idrisi : madinat sagira ; Yaqut : madina ; Ibn Haldun : qarya ; Idris 'Imad al-Din : mawdi' ; Ibn Mary am : qarya ; Ibn al-Qadi : qarya ; al-Maqqan : qarya.