(full name, Yaqut ibn Abdullah al-Rumi; also Yaqut ibn Abdullah al-Hamawi). Born 1179; died Aug. 20, 1229, in Aleppo. Arab philologist, geographer, and writer.

Yaqut was born in Asia Minor of Greek parents. He traveled the coast and the islands of the Persian Gulf and the southern Arabian Peninsula, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Khwarazm, and Iraq. He was a Kharijite. Yaqut was the author of the biographical dictionary Mujam al Udaba, which contained approximately 1,100 biographies of Arab literary figures and scholars of the seventh to the early 13th centuries, and the geographic dictionary Mujam al-Buldan, which summarized Arabic geographic literature of the pre-Mongol period.


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Khursheed Alam Gohar Qalm (Pride of Performance), Irfan Ahmed Qureshi, Wajid Mahmood Yaqut Raqam, Shaukat Minhas Zaheen Qalm, Manawar-ul-Islam and Usman Ghani were among those who participated in the meeting.
to maintain their security to worship, we will help," said Yaqut Chiolil Qoumas, chairman of the youth wing of the Nahdlatul Ulema, one of the country's biggest Muslim organisations.
Hundreds of thousands had already been displaced from their homes before the start of this crisis, and now we see the situation deteriorating to an unprecedented level," said Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, an MP from the National Awakening Party (PKB).
In an abridgement of this passage, Yaqut also places Hilal's conversion "at the end of his life.
Jeddah,06 Jumada II,1437 AH, 15 March,2016 , SPA -- The Secretary-General of International Islamic Relief Organization of Muslim World League, Ihsan Tayyip discussed in a meeting in Jeddah yesterday with the Chairman with of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Tanzimiyah (Regulatory University in Sri Lanka, Mohammed Yaqut Nazim, and Vice Director of the University, Anmar Mohammed Abdul Karim, ways of strengthening the relationship between the Organization and the University and exchanged views on supporting the University
They gave their opponents the choice of complete surrender or utter destruction, and the horror of those days was recounted by the Muslim geographer Yaqut Al Hamawi, writing of cities that the Mongols under Genghis Khan had "effaced from off the earth as lines of writing are effaced from paper, and those abodes became a dwelling for the owl and the raven, in the palaces the screech owls answer each other's cries, and in those halls winds moan".
Ibrahim Yaqut, a 34-year-old special needs man based in Ajman said he knows most of the candidates well.
But in his entry on the Volga Yaqut says that he saw a number of copies and though he does not specify where he probably means in Khwarazm.
Iraq, the territory of Rabi'a, situated towards the east of the Peninsula, [its language] has been corrupted by its mixing with the languages of the Persians and Nabataeans and with the language of the Christians of al-Hira [an ancient town three miles of al-Kufa; see Yaqut, Buldan, sub HIra].
Yaqut is the other stone which is used in the Persian poems in terms of its especial features.
Jassim Yaqut, head of the campaign committee, said the program would continue for a week, covering major regional cities.