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resort town (1990 pop. 21,174), Barnstable co., SE Mass., on the south shore of Cape Cod; settled and inc. 1639. The main street of this residential town is lined with well-preserved old houses. Of special interest is the Thacher House (1680). The Yarmouth port is a historic district.


(yär`məth), city (1991 pop. 7,781), SW N.S., Canada, on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a port, with exports of lumber, fish, berries, and Irish moss. Manufactures include wood products, iron castings, and textiles. Yarmouth, a summer resort and tourist center, has a ferry connection with Portland, Maine. The region was visited (1604) by ChamplainChamplain, Samuel de
, 1567–1635, French explorer, the chief founder of New France.

After serving in France under Henry of Navarre (King Henry IV) in the religious wars, Champlain was given command of a Spanish fleet sailing to the West Indies, Mexico, and the
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, who named it Cap Fourchu, and it became a French fishing settlement. In 1759 a few settlers came to the site of the city from Yarmouth, Mass., and called it after their former home. The city was founded in 1761, when a larger group of settlers came from Sandwich, Mass. They were followed by Acadians (1767) from the Grand Pré district and by United Empire LoyalistsUnited Empire Loyalists,
in Canadian history, name applied to those settlers who, loyal to the British cause in the American Revolution, migrated from the Thirteen Colonies to Canada.
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1 Town, Isle of Wight, S England. It is a small port and resort. The castle there was built by Henry VIII. 2 Officially Great Yarmouth, city (1991 pop. 54,777) and district, Norfolk, E England, a port on a long, narrow peninsula between the North Sea and Breydon Water. Yarmouth is a resort and fishing port. The Yarmouth bloater (prepared herring) is famous. Engineering and textile industries are there; oil and gas exploration occurs nearby. The Church of St. Nicholas was founded early in the 12th cent. The Tolhouse (14th cent.; now a museum) is one of the oldest municipal buildings in Great Britain. Although Yarmouth was heavily bombed during World War II, the older part of the city retains many of the "rows," narrow lanes from 29 in. to 6 ft (73.7 cm–1.8 m) wide.
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When we got into the street (which was strange enough to me) and smelt the fish, and pitch, and oakum, and tar, and saw the sailors walking about, and the carts jingling up and down over the stones, I felt that I had done so busy a place an injustice; and said as much to Peggotty, who heard my expressions of delight with great complacency, and told me it was well known (I suppose to those who had the good fortune to be born Bloaters) that Yarmouth was, upon the whole, the finest place in the universe.
We used to walk about that dim old flat at Yarmouth in a loving manner, hours and hours.
I never hear the name, or read the name, of Yarmouth, but I am reminded of a certain Sunday morning on the beach, the bells ringing for church, little Em'ly leaning on my shoulder, Ham lazily dropping stones into the water, and the sun, away at sea, just breaking through the heavy mist, and showing us the ships, like their own shadows.
The first time he spoke to me after we were at Yarmouth, which was not till two or three days, for we were separated in the town to several quarters; I say, the first time he saw me, it appeared his tone was altered; and, looking very melancholy, and shaking his head, he asked me how I did, and telling his father who I was, and how I had come this voyage only for a trial, in order to go further abroad, his father, turning to me with a very grave and concerned tone "Young man," says he, "you ought never to go to sea any more; you ought to take this for a plain and visible token that you are not to be a seafaring man.
Great yarmouth borough council has a fantastic opportunity for a supplier of a small-scale grounds maintenance function.
AS A follow up to Anthony Latter's letter (April 23) regarding bad race planning, the same thing happens at my local track, Yarmouth.
Graham Hacon, CEO of 3sun Group, has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship from Great Yarmouth College.
POLICE are searching for a Coventry man in connection with an aggravated burglary in Great Yarmouth.
Moore has right Royal time at Yarmouth A QUICKFIRE treble from Ryan Moore at Yarmouth included a welcome winner for Michael Bell in the colours of The Queen.
AHMAD RAED TARAKJI, MD, MSPH, FRCPC, FACP, FASN, FNKF, Nephrology Unit, Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, King Saud University, and King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; MONIQUE SURETTE, BSc(Nut), PDt, Food and Nutrition Services, Yarmouth Regional Hospital, Yarmouth, NS; RUBY FROTTEN, RN, CNeph, Kidney Health Clinic, Yarmouth Regional Hospital, Yarmouth, NS; KATHERINE WILSON, RN, Kidney Care Services/ Dialysis Unit, Yarmouth Regional Hospital, Yarmouth, NS; CATHERINE MORLEY, PhD, PDt, FDC, School of Nutrition and Dietetics, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS
MAYOR of Liverpool Joe Anderson hit out at Local Government Minister Brandon Lewis''s claim that the city was no worse than his constituency, Great Yarmouth, for coalition spending cuts.
Bradley Thorpe, 17, risked his life to save yearold husky Ben after it slipped its lead and jumped into the River Yare at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.