Iaroslav Vladimirovich

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Iaroslav Vladimirovich


Born 1130’s; died Oct. 1, 1187. Prince of Galicia from 1153. Son of Prince Vladimir Voldarevich.

In 1150, Iaroslav married Ol’ga, a daughter of Iurii Dolgorukii’s. Iaroslav waged a struggle with rebellious Galician boyars and with the Kievan princes Iziaslav Mstislavich and, from 1158 to 1161, Iziaslav Davydovich. He strengthened friendly relations with other rulers, including the king of Hungary and the Polish princes. His might was noted in The Tale of Igor’s Campaign.

Iaroslav was known by the nickname Osmomysl (literally, “wise,” “possessing eight minds and powers of reasoning”).

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Therefore, in order to reminisce about the glorious pages of the history of Russia, the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance created this clip dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the reign of one of the most famous princes of Kiev - Yaroslav Vladimirovich, later named by the wise historian Wise , in memory of Vladimir Tilishchak.