Yaroslavl Lycée

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Yaroslavl Lycée


(also known as the Yaroslavl Demidov Lycée and the Demidov Juridical Lycée), a higher educational institution for men in Russia.

The Yaroslavl Lycée was founded in 1803 as the Yaroslavl Demidov School of Higher Sciences, and it originally offered a three-year program of study. The initiative and capital for founding the school were provided by P. G. Demidov (1738–1821), who was a great-grandson of N. D. Antuf’ev’s (seeDEMIDOVS). The school was intended to train civil servants.

In 1833 the school was reorganized as a lycée with the same period of study. The curriculum was based on the legal, economic, and administrative sciences (seeCAMERALISM). From 1846 to 1849, K. D. Ushinskii was on the staff of the Yaroslavl Lycée.

In 1868 the lycée was transformed into the four-year Demidov Juridical Lycée, which had the same status as a law faculty of a university. Graduates of Gymnasiums and religious seminaries were eligible for admission. The lycée issued more publications than any other Russian law school; they included Vremennik Demidovskogo Iuridicheskogo litseia (1872–1917), luridicheskaia bibliografiia (1907–17), and Iuridicheskie zapiski (1908–14).

In 1918 the lycée was reorganized as the University of Yaroslavl.


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