Yehoshua Bar-Hillel

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Bar-Hillel, Yehoshua


Born 1915, in Vienna, Austria. Israeli logician and mathematician.

Bar-Hillel’s primary work pertains to the logical and mathematical aspects of the general theory of language, mathematical linguistics, and automatic translation. Bar-Hillel suggested that the syntactical structure of natural languages be described by the categorial grammars which were developed by the Polish logicians S. Leśniewski and C. Aj-dukiewicz for the description of the formal languages of mathematics. Bar-Hillel’s work in automatic translation contributed to the elucidation of its linguistic (particularly semantic) difficulties.


Language and Information: Selected Essays on Their Theory and Application. Reading (Mass.)-Jerusalem, 1964.


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He elaborates on the lines of research proposed by Yehoshua Bar-Hillel, Arthur N.