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Yell Group said printed products, such as the Yellow Pages, will not change their identity but wants the parent company and its digital offerings such as Yell.
Telecoms regulator Ofcom are investigating as are Trading Standards and yell.
I'll use one of the major business directories, yell.
Headquartered in London, Adfonic has experienced rapid growth since its launch just 18 months ago and already serves over 2 billion impressions per month for clients including Sky, Yell.
Chief executive Mike Pocock said the group was fighting back as its Yell.
Yell's suggested package of marketing services will be a potential combination of advertising through Yell.
More of Yell's UK business is now online, with Yell.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-18 July 2008-mobilePeople and Yell.
A redesigned homepage has been launched by online directory Yell.
In addition to the initial countries, with Fonecta and Eniro in Finland and Sweden and Yell.
The former bankers, who paid Miami International a seven-figure sum for the company, are intent on catching sector leaders Yell.
Livebookings enables real-time, online reservations on restaurant websites and helps restaurants to access customers that would otherwise be difficult to reach through a global network of partners including American Express, Yell.