Yellow Bird's Nest

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Yellow Bird’s Nest


(Monotropa hypopitys), an achloro-phyllous, saprophytic perennial of the family Monotropaceae. The loculate rhizome is strongly branched and has a mycorrhiza. The fleshy stem, which is 5-25 cm tall, is whitish or yellowish (as is the entire aboveground portion of the plant) and has alternating scalelike leaves. The regular flowers are gathered in a cluster, the corolla is cylindrical and campanulate, and the petals are saccular at the base. The fruit is a many-seeded capsule. The yellow bird’s nest is found in the temperate belt of the northern hemisphere. It grows in the European USSR, the Caucasus, Southern Siberia, the Soviet Far East, and Kazakhstan. The plant is found in moist and shady coniferous, broad-leaved, and mixed forest. The yellow bird’s nest is often mistakenly classified in the genus Hypopitys.