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TFGM chiefs say drivers are regularly blocking trams and other vehicles by driving into yellow box junctions.
The problem gets worse when traffic coming down Balls Road turns onto Borough Road, squeezing past the stranded yellow box drivers.
Please keep yellow boxes clear, especially outside emergency services buildings.
Davao City - The City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) start to implement next month a 20-second limit for all public utility vehicles (PUVs) to load or unload passengers at designated stops called Yellow Boxes.
Yellow box junctions are criss-cross painted boxes on the road.
"From May 1, we will start booking drivers caught flouting yellow box regulations with the help of smart cameras installed at key intersections across the country," said a Traffic Directorate spokesman.
There was a sharp rise in the number of drivers caught breaking the rules when it comes to yellow box junctions, with a jump from 156 in August to 519 in September and 703 in October.
The concept is for a driver to stay clear of the yellow box. In short, his or her vehicle should not be inside that box when the traffic light turns red.
"We had 2,096 yellow box offences until the end of September this year," he said.
Motorists in Dubai will be warned about the dangers of stopping in the yellow crisscross grid - known as the yellow box - at traffic light junctions.
Ian Berry Widow's anger after mementoes removed from memorial tree by Coventry council That's so sad Wendy, hope you are all okay xx Anne Martin Petition to redesign roundabout outside Binley Fire Station Yellow box junction on the island, fix the traffic light box in the fire station, the ignorant drivers need to stop blocking the island.