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yellow jacket:

see waspwasp,
name applied to many winged insects of the order Hymenoptera, which also includes ants and bees. Most wasps are carnivorous, feeding on insects, grubs, or spiders. They have biting mouthparts, and the females have stings with which they paralyze their prey.
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The 2019 Yellow Jackets will be led at quarterback by sophomore Dylan Kelkhoff, backed up by junior Nate Heffernan and sophomore Ethan Stumpe.
The yellow jackets' own tally put the nationwide total at 41,000.
Caption: Yellow jackets destroyed the grape harvest in Patricia's garden, but she discovered a fix.
Yellow jacket protesters take to the track at Chantilly yesterday, causing the postponement until today of five races
The French authorities announced on Saturday evening that 118 demonstrators and 17 security forces were injured as protests by the "yellow jackets" group continued throughout the country against tax policies, praising the security forces' handling of the demonstrators.
Demonstrators wearing yellow jackets; inset, the graffiti left on the Arc de Triomphe
While in Causeway Bay, Duterte visited a shop that displayed predominantly yellow jackets. Duterte gamely paused amid all the yellow the color associated with the opposition Liberal Party that has remained critical of his administration.
Emily said: "Sophie and I chose the yellow jacket as our theme because it is a current trend which as well as being a statement piece which people are daring to wear."
Freshmen players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill will not be on the team's flight back to Los Angeles following Saturday's 63-60 win against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in Shanghai.
Caption: The showdown with yellow jackets is a seasonal occurrence for numerous folks throughout rural North America.
THE UST Yellow Jackets had to perform their halftime routine at the MOA Arena parking lot after the game.
Yellow jackets are members of the order Hymenoptera (bees and wasps) and are well known for their aggressive response when provoked.