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yellow journalism:

see newspapernewspaper,
publication issued periodically, usually daily or weekly, to convey information and opinion about current events. Early Newspapers

The earliest recorded effort to inform the public of the news was the Roman Acta diurna,
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Yellow Journalism


the most reactionary, mercenary bourgeois journalism, which for the sake of sensation publishes fictitious information, scandalous news, and compromising “facts” from the personal lives of famous people. The term “yellow journalism” was coined in the late 19th century in the United States. In 1895 the New York news-papers the World and the Journal began almost simultaneously to carry a picture on the front page showing a child in a yellow shirt who amused the readers with far from childish statements. A fierce rivalry arose between the newspapers over priority. E. Wardman, the editor of the New York Press at that time, used the term “yellow journalism” to refer to the two newspapers arguing about the “yellow kid,” and the term came into use to characterize the basest bourgeois publications. [9-455-l]

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Unfortunately, the careful timeline agreed to by the President and the Army Chief of Staff was not in keeping with strategic messaging understood by the Secretary of War, the Yellow Press, or those Congressmen up for re-election.
Gilman's narrator sees "unheard of contradictions" in the wallpaper, just as Wilcox notes that the yellow journals employ huge headlines that lead to "vague and conflicting impressions." These "contradictions" also recall the yellow newspaper's reputation for slanderous, unsubstantiated stories, and the "outrageous angles" in the wallpaper call to mind the embellished tales of murder and intrigue that abounded in the yellow press. Moreover, Gilman's narrator notes, "The whole thing goes horizontally, too, at least it seems so, and I exhaust myself in trying to distinguish the order of its going in that direction" (20).
What surprised me last month was seeing that the yellow press in Nicaragua has suddenly become very interested in the state of the Nicaraguans living in Costa Rica, coming out with wild stories about how Costa Ricans are enslaving them and do this and that.
Seemingly, it was a big deal last year for the yellow press in Switzerland to wear a Halloween costume and now this year everybody celebrated Halloween, even German politicians.
Drawing radical conclusions from the contemporary sensationalist "yellow press," he threw his efforts into various promotions, from a ten-acre farm to the leading subscription-gatherer or a brass band for the leading city of socialists getting subs--contests that still make today's Mother Jones sweepstakes pale by comparison.
The sensational reports of the " yellow press " about Spanish atrocities in Cuba aroused American resentment against Spain, as did the publication of a letter written by Dupuy de Lome, Spanish minister to the U.S., in which he referred to President McKinley in derogatory terms.
Opulent imagery, such as in Ulrike Ottinger'sDorian Gray im Spiegel der Boulevardpresse(Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Yellow Press, 1984) or in Nina Grosse'sDer glEnserne Himmel(The Glass Sky, 1987), stands alongside stark representations of everyday life in Helma Sanders-Brahms'Unter dem Pflaster ist der Strand (Under the Pavement Lies the Strand, 1975) or Angela Schanelec'sDas GlE-ckmeinerSchwester(My Sister's Good Fortune, 1995).
It strongly deplored the "cheap manner of some symbols of the yellow press and the media," while recalling "the permanent support of the State of Kuwait and its Emir to Lebanon in the most difficult circumstances, and its political, moral and substantial assistance over the years, in addition to hosting thousands of Lebanese families and providing them with work opportunities." The Party urged the press to stop their "cheap and destructive tactics" while expressing utmost respect and gratitude to the Kuwait state, stressing on the "brotherly ties with the people, government and Emir of Kuwait, and on preserving their mutual historic relations with Lebanon and its people." Roula Sharrouf
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A reporter from the Millet daily, which is among those critical media outlets that were targeted on Wednesday by a harsh police raid as part of a government-led media crackdown, has shared his yellow press card covered in blood via social media.
It is also asserted the so-called yellow press and "DAP-sated" Congressional allies are doing a disservice to the Filipino people by turning a blind eye to the inadequacies of President Noynoy Aquino.
The "yellow press" sorted out those for and against the war, and those for and against the factions.