Yeomen of the Guard

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Yeomen of the Guard,

bodyguard, now ceremonial in function, of the sovereign of England. When the guard was originated by Henry VII in 1485, its members had numerous duties as defenders of the king's person and household functionaries. Until 1743 (the last time a British monarch appeared on the battlefield) they accompanied the king in battle. For a time purchased by civilians, positions in the corps were restricted in 1848 to veterans of the army and marines. Sometimes called the Beefeaters because of their fine physiques, the Yeomen of the Guard still wear the scarlet and gold uniform of the 15th cent. and carry halberds.
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Hewerdine's account of the Yeomen of the Guard fills an important gap in the literature on early Tudor England.
The Yeomen of the Guard have a purely ceremonial role and accompany the sovereign at the annual Royal Maundy Service, investitures, and garden parties at Buckingham Palace.
The Yeomen of the Guard opens on October 24 and runs until October 28.
Last year, she played Elsie Maynard in the Halifax G&S production of The Yeomen of the Guard.
Yeomen of the Guard conduct a ceremonial search at the House of Lords in London, before the State Opening of Parliament
Mannequins dressed as footmen and poised to spring into action have been placed around the table while others dressed as Yeomen of the Guard wait at one end of the room.
50-60 Yeomen of the Guard - ex-NCOs with exemplary service.
Next year, for its 50th anniversary, the group has chosen The Yeomen of the Guard - and it will be at the town hall.
After 522 years, the fabled Yeomen of the Guard ("the Beefeaters") who guard the Tower of London have recruited their first feminine member.
Among the musical treats will be songs from The Yeomen of the Guard, The Mikado, The Pirates of Penzance, Iolanthe, Ruddigore and The Gondaliers.
During the concert, photographs were projected regularly onto a screen at the back of the stage - shots of Venice for The Gondoliers and the Tower of London for The Yeomen of the Guard - as well as numerous snaps of old programmes and cast members in costume.