see YavatmalYavatmal
, formerly Yeotmal
, town (1991 pop. 121,816), Maharashtra state, central India. Yavatmal, located c.1,500 ft (460 m) above sea level, is a district administrative center, a cattle-breeding town, and a market for peanuts, cotton, and timber.
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, India.
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installation of division office yeotmal in yeotmal division (led fitting)
While Sena's Tukaram Renge-Patil from Parbhani has not come out in public since last Friday, BJP's Haribhau Rathod from Yeotmal faces the flak of party bosses.
Address : Sr Manager Civil Neeljay Sub Area Of Wani Area Po Bellora Ta Wani Dist Yeotmal Ms 445 304 Tel Mo No 7774092422
Address : Office Of The Chief Manager Excv Naigaon Opencast Post Bellora Tah Wanidist Yeotmal Pin Code 445 304 Mob 7774092313
Tenders are invited for Maintenance & Repairs for Ghuikhed Yerad MDR-32 Anjangaon Bari Satargaon Rajura Bori Sultanpur MDR-31 Yeowati To Dist Border Yeotmal Road MDR 58 km 4/00 To 7/00, 20/800 To 29/500 & 0/00 To 3/00 Tq Chandur Rly Document cost : INR 1000 EMD value : INR 43000
Tenders are invited for Infrastructural Civil Related Works For Indian Postal Payment Bank (Ippb) At Yeotmal Ho