see YavatmalYavatmal
, formerly Yeotmal
, town (1991 pop. 121,816), Maharashtra state, central India. Yavatmal, located c.1,500 ft (460 m) above sea level, is a district administrative center, a cattle-breeding town, and a market for peanuts, cotton, and timber.
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, India.
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While Sena's Tukaram Renge-Patil from Parbhani has not come out in public since last Friday, BJP's Haribhau Rathod from Yeotmal faces the flak of party bosses.
installation of division office yeotmal in yeotmal division (led fitting)
Address : Sr Manager Civil Neeljay Sub Area Of Wani Area Po Bellora Ta Wani Dist Yeotmal Ms 445 304 Tel Mo No 7774092422