Yerevan Polytechnic Institute

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Yerevan Polytechnic Institute


(full name, K. Marx Yerevan Polytechnic Institute), an institute for the training of engineers, architects, and other specialists in various branches of industry. Founded in 1930 from the engineering departments of the University of Yerevan.

In 1971 the institute included departments of mechanics and machine building, electrical engineering, automation and computer technology, chemical engineering, construction, and mining and metallurgy; correspondence and evening divisions; branches in Leninakan and Kirovakan; 87 sub-departments; 12 research laboratories; and a computer center. The library contains about 600,000 volumes. In the 1970-71 academic year the institute had about 18,000 students and employed 1,350 teachers, including 28 professors and doctors of science and 360 assistant professors and candidates of science. Instruction is in Armenian and Russian. The institute also trains young Armenians from Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Northern Caucasus, and several foreign countries of the Middle East, Latin America, and Western Europe. The institute is empowered to hear defenses of doctoral and candidates’ dissertations. Since 1941 it has published the journal Sbornik nauchnykh trudov (Collection of Scientific Works).

In the period from 1930 to 1971, the institute trained about 18,000 specialists.


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