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Iran: see YazdYazd
, city (1991 pop. 275,298), capital of Yazd prov., central Iran, in a desert region. The city is known for its elaborate silk products and remains a center for silk weaving. Grain, fruit, vegetables, and nuts are grown, and underground water tunnels exist in the city.
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a city in Iran, administrative center of the chief guber-natorial region of Yezd. Population, 98, 000 (1971). Railroadstation and highway junction. Yezd has textile and food andcondiments industries and produces silk, carpets, and other handicraft items.


, Yezd
a city in central Iran: a major centre of silk weaving. Pop.: 436 000 (2005 est.)
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In 1747 they commissioned two doctors to go to Yezd in Persia, where they had heard the Gebri lived.
29) As for the Yezidis themselves, they say their religion was founded in the town of Yezd in Iran around 2020 B.