Yildiz Kenter

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Kenter, Yildiz


Born Oct. 11, 1928, in Istanbul. Turkish actress, director, teacher, and theatrical figure.

Kenter graduated from the Ankara Conservatory in 1948. She studied theater arts in the United States as well as in Great Britain and other Western European countries. In 1949 she made her stage debut. She acted in various Istanbul companies. In 1960, Yildiz Kenter and her brother, the actor Müşfik, organized a theatrical troupe, which was named The Kent Actors in 1961 (Kent oyncularl—the only permanent private drama company in Turkey). In 1968 a building was erected for the company. Here Kenter staged such plays as Anouilh’s Antigone and Chekhov’s Seagull (in which she played the main roles) and also played the parts of Pembe (Sayin’s The Pembe Woman) and Gertrude (Shakespeare’s Hamlet). She has also acted on the screen. In 1971 she went on tour to the USSR with her company. Kenter has taught since 1956.


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