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(both: yĭng-kō), city (1994 est. pop. 465,700), S Liaoning prov., China, on the Liao River near its mouth on the Bohai. It is on the South Manchurian RR in an area producing rice, cotton, and oakleaf silk. It has fishing, lumbering, food processing, and oil refining industries and plants making textiles, machinery, and paper products. From 1836 to 1900, Yingkou was the chief port of Manchuria.



a city and port in Northeast China, in the province of Liaoning, at the mouth of the Liaoho, on the Yellow Sea coast. Population, 200,000(1957). It is a major transportation junction. There are pulp and paper mills. It is also the site of textile (cotton and tricot) and food-processing industries. Metalworking, ship repair, and the production of rubber and asbestos items are also important industries.


, Yingkow
a port in NE China, in SW Liaoning province: a major shipping centre for Manchuria. Pop.: 723 000 (2005 est.)
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Photo Caption: Xitron President Karen Crews and Basch GM Du Xuan sign a formal development agreement at Basch headquarters in Yingkou, China.
Department of Chemical Engineering, Yingkou Institute of Technology, Yingkou 115014, People's Republic of China
Similarly, the DEA models for the other six ports, namely, Yingkou, Tianjin, Rizhao, Tangshan, Qingdao, and Yantai, are established using the synthetic input and output indicators.
They were arrested while collecting drugs from Yingkou Railway Station in May 2010.
The company planned to build the model by the end of September and test it off the northeastern port city of Yingkou, the article said.
Since 1996, Tian has served as general manager of several shipping agencies in both Dalian and Yingkou cities of Liaoning Province.
Steel Co, Ltd (Shigang, unrated) had acquired a 51% stake in Yingkou.
9 ( ANI ): A businessman-father in Yingkou reportedly bought a kindergarten for 1.
1) Liaoning Agricultural Vocational & Technical College, Department of animal husbandry, Yingkou, 115009, China.
Dalian and Yingkou, Tianjin and Qingdao, Shanghai and Ningbo, and Guangzhou and Shenzhen), several ports (e.
The Port of Yingkou is building a new ore yard that will bring the ore yard area in the Port of Y'mgkou to 80 hectares.
In March, Coke opened its latest China bottling plant in Yingkou, Liaoning, the largest Coca-Cola production facility in China spanning an area of more than 170,000 sq m (42 acres).