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Drawing from proven embedded expertise, the container technology in Wind River Linux, dubbed OverC, integrates components from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Yocto Project to help define a comprehensive framework for building and deploying containers for embedded systems.
Toradex is a longstanding supporter of the Yocto Project, which is a great fit for many embedded use cases.
This section presents a brief overview of the main operating systems involved in the performance analysis, that is, the TinyOS, ContikiOS, and Yocto.
As a Yocto Project compatible product, Mentor Embedded Linux will now bring standardized features and tools, and ensure quick access to the latest Board Support Packages (BSPs) for AMD 64-bit x86 architecture beginning with the upcoming AMD Embedded G-Series system-on-a-chip (SoC) (codenamed: "Steppe Eagle") and AMD Embedded R-Series APU/CPU (codenamed: "Bald Eagle").
Adopted in 1991 as the smallest prefix in the International System of Units, known as the SI system, "yocto" means one part in a million billion billion, or [10.sup.-24].
A septillionth, a decimal point followed by 24 zeroes, takes the yocto prefix under an international system adopted in 1991.
Yocto is the smallest prefix recognised by the International System of Units (SI), which was first developed in the 18th century.
Metric Prefixes Unit Multiple Prefix Symbol Unit Subdivision Prefix Symbol [10.sup.1] deka da [10.sup.-1] deci d [10.sup.2] hecto h [10.sup.-2] centi c [10.sup.3] kilo k [10.sup.-3] milli m [10.sup.6] mega M [10.sup.-6] micro [micro] [10.sup.9] giga G [10.sup.-9] nano n [10.sup.12] tera T [10.sup.-12] pico p [10.sup.15] peta P [10.sup.-15] femto f [10.sup.18] exa E [10.sup.-18] atto a [10.sup.21] zetta Z [10.sup.-21] zepto z [10.sup.24] yotta Y [10.sup.-24] yocto y Web Page:
Improvements for the Linux Foundation's Yocto Project - The Yocto Project is an open source project aimed at producing tools and processes that enable the creation of Linux distributions for embedded and IoT software that are independent of the underlying architecture of the embedded hardware.
As operating system Kontron offers Yocto Linux for the KBox A-330-MX6 and Raspbian for the KBox A-330-RPI.
The release version of the Apalis iMX8 will come with all the standard Toradex advantages including Toradex Easy Installer, Free Professional Support, Production-quality Yocto Project Based Linux BSP, Active Community, Daily updated Developer Page, Pin-out Designer tools, Fully open Carrier Board Designs, World Wide Network with local support offices and much more.
* Instructions to build Yocto images enabled to access processor graphics acceleration.