York Factory

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York Factory,

fur-trading post, NE Man., Canada, on Hudson Bay, at the mouth of the Hayes River, just east of the mouth of the Nelson River. The name was used for several early (late-17th-century) posts in the area, which changed hands during the struggle between England and France for control of the rich fur trade. The British gained final control after the Peace of Utrecht (1713). The present post (built 1788–93) was a major warehouse for the Hudson's Bay Company. It was closed in 1957. In 1968 it became a National Historic Site.
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Among them was Aemilius Simpson, a naval officer who, in 1826, travelled with a Hudson's Bay Company brigade from York Factory, on the western shore of Hudson Bay, to Fort Vancouver, near the mouth of the Columbia River.
Makers Nestle Rowntree blamed a ''production hiccup" at their York factory.
Northern Manitoba locations represented in the collection include York Factory, Churchill and Norway House, where the HBC had key establishments.
As the Hudson's Bay Company's main gateway into Rupert's Land, York Factory was the entry point of goods and supplies destined for Lord Selkirk's settlement at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.
The HBC was able to push farther inland to Lake Winnipeg using lighter express canoes precisely because they could rendezvous with brigades and supplies from York Factory.
Special guests included Councillor Dennis Day from the Norway House Cree Nation, Chief Jeffery Napoakesik from the Shamattawa First Nation, and Chief Ted Bland of the York Factory First Nation.
Today, York Factory National Historic Site is heritage at risk, threatened with loss from riverbank erosion, permafrost decay and vegetation encroachment.
It had to move trade goods and people inland from its depot of York Factory on the shores of Hudson's Bay and furs from its posts in the interior back to the Bay for shipment to England and to the markets.
Ritchie pointed out the need for action if the buildings at York Factory are to be saved.

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