York Plays

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York Plays:

see miracle playmiracle play
or mystery play,
form of medieval drama that came from dramatization of the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. It developed from the 10th to the 16th cent., reaching its height in the 15th cent.
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From its trio of apposite epigraphs to its illustrations from stained glassed windows in York's Minister to its hundreds of scholarly endnotes, her study may be said to represent the state of the art in New York Play criticism.
Defining audience can be tricky, but Signifying God seems to fit for a restricted in-crowd: medievalists familiar with the ideas in Miri Rubin's Corpus Christi or York Play specialists who have also read (or written) a good deal of the criticism by Martin Stevens, Heather Swanson, Alexandra Johnson, and Richard Beadle.
In the last revision of the York plays, about 14 plays (mainly those concerning Christ's Passion) were redacted into alliterative verse.
We are pleased to announce that the Council of the EETS has recently accepted a proposal to issue a revision of Richard Beadle's 1982 edition of The York Plays, which will be accompanied by a second volume containing a commentary on the cycle.
In the York plays, Joseph dismisses this idea and chooses instead to censure himself, and to imagine his society doing the same.
11) All quotations, in modern spelling, are based on Richard Beadle (ed), The York Plays (London, 1982).
It is true that the York plays are full of shifting boundaries between locus and platea, between actor and audience, piety and performance.
1) This was part of the full production of The York Plays led by the Poculi Ludique Societas (PLS) at The University of Toronto.
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Yes, Virginia, the York plays could be performed in one day

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