East Riding of Yorkshire

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East Riding of Yorkshire,

district and unitary authority (2011 pop. 334,200), NE England. The district extends from the Yorkshire Wolds (N) to the River Humber (S) and from the North Sea (E) to the River Durwent (W). BeverleyBeverley,
town (1991 pop. 16,433), East Riding of Yorkshire, NE England. Beverley is primarily a market town with some shipbuilding and such light industries as the manufacture of railroad and automobile accessories and leather.
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 is the administrative center. The East Riding's two distinctive geographic features are the Yorkshire Wolds, an upland area of chalk hills rising from the white cliffs at Flamborough Head to c.800 ft (240 m), and the Humber Wetlands, consisting of land in the Humber basin lying below 33 ft (10 m) above sea level.

The name of the district derives from one of the three divisions, or ridings, of the historic county of YorkshireYorkshire,
former county, N England. From 1889 to 1974 it formed three counties, the East Riding, North Riding, and West Riding of Yorkshire. In 1974, Yorkshire was divided among the nonmetropolitan counties of Humberside, Cleveland, and North Yorkshire and the metropolitan
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. The Battle of Stamford Bridge, fought in 1066 in what is now the district's west, was a victory for King Harold and signaled the fall of the Vikings in England, but it also foreshadowed the Norman ConquestNorman Conquest,
period in English history following the defeat (1066) of King Harold of England by William, duke of Normandy, who became William I of England. The conquest was formerly thought to have brought about broad changes in all phases of English life.
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. Sparsely populated during the Middle Ages, the region was largely devoted to sheep pasturing until the 18th cent., when drainage and improvements in farming practices greatly increased agricultural production. In 1889 Yorkshire's East Riding became a separate county. The county was dissolved in 1974, with most of its territory becoming the northern portion of the county of Humberside. Humberside was dissolved in 1996 and the East Riding largely was reestablished, as a unitary authority and ceremonial county (the latter including HullHull,
officially Kingston upon Hull,
city and unitary authority (2011 pop. 256,406), NE England, on the north shore of the Humber estuary at the influx of the small Hull River.
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East Riding of Yorkshire

a county of NE England, a historical division of Yorkshire on the North Sea and the Humber estuary: became part of Humberside in 1974; reinstated as an independent unitary authority in 1996, with a separate authority for Kingston upon Hull: chiefly agricultural and low-lying, with various industries in Hull. Administrative centre: Beverley. Pop. (excluding Hull): 321 300 (2003 est.). Area (excluding Hull): 748 sq. km (675 sq. miles)
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