Young Ireland

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Young Ireland


a grouping within the Irish bourgeois intelligentsia, formed initially within the Repeal Association founded in 1840. From 1842 the group centered on the journal the Nation and took on the character of an independent organization.

The liberal wing of Young Ireland under C. G. Duffy attempted to limit its activities to the propagandizing of national culture. But radical elements led by T. Davis, J. F. Lalor, and later J. Mitchel strove to promote a revolutionary struggle for Irish independence and for satisfaction of the demands of the Irish peasantry. Under their influence, the greater part of the membership of Young Ireland broke with the Repeal Association and joined the Irish Confederation, founded in 1847, which headed the left wing of the Irish national-liberation movement. The defeat of the Irish Rebellion of 1848 and the subsequent repressions halted the activities of Young Ireland.


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Early in his study, Quinn aligns Young Ireland with Benedict Anderson's theories about the importance of print capitalism to the development of modern nationalism in Imagined Communities (1983), with Davis in particular turning the long disparate history of Ireland into a continuous narrative from the deep past to the present day:
Her reassessment argues, in terms reminiscent of Kevin Whelan's reinterpretation of 1798, that Young Ireland has been underestimated both politically and militarily, that its defeat was due to state repression involving artificially fostered Orange sectarianism, and that (in contrast to Daniel O'Connell, presented as manipulative opportunist and Catholic sectionalist) it represented a universalist and socially conscious nationalism with lasting and positive effects on Irish politics.
The Wolves boss said after seeing the young Ireland international both open and close his side's account at Pride Park: "I am thrilled for Andy.
The team are well prepared for the Games, having taken part in two tournaments this year; the Three Nations Youth Championships in Scotland and Young England versus Young Ireland last week, in which Quigley was the outstanding boxer of the tournament.
The young Ireland international, now 24, was credited with playing a major role in the final, keeping out a dynamic young striker who was just 15 at the time: Everton's Wayne Rooney.
AMIR KHAN was the centre of attention at Everton Park Sports Centre as Young England scored a narrow victory over Young Ireland at the weekend.
O'Connell's appeals to ethnicity, its politicization by Young Ireland, the Roman Catholic Church, and a nationalist press all served to de-legitimate the state in the eyes and minds of large numbers of Irishmen even if their alienation was essentially passive.
There is some material on the Young Ireland movement but it is speculation that leaders such as Daniel O'Connell influenced Cleburne.
Born in 1823, O'Doherty had completed six years of medical studies when his involvement in the Young Ireland movement and his co-editorship of the nationalist Tribune led to a sentence of transportation in August 1848.
This work is one of a number of publications sparked by the sesquicentenary of the Young Ireland rising of 1848.
Casements entertain Young Ireland (Leicester) at Holbrooks on Sunday (12.
He began his political career as a Young Ireland revolutionary with a price on his head.

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