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The largest video sharing site on the Web. YouTube lets anyone upload videos for private or public viewing. Founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, it was acquired by Google in 2006 for USD $1.65 billion. Another Internet phenomenon with meteoric growth like Amazon, Yahoo!, Google and Facebook, within a couple years, YouTube was streaming 25 petabytes (quadrillion bytes) of content each month.

YouTube provides a venue for sharing videos among friends and family as well as a showcase for new and experienced videographers. It has instructional videos on every subject and is a destination for anyone who wants to make a statement. In addition, YouTube became a major venue for political speeches.

YouTube Formats
By embedding the appropriate code in a blog or website, YouTube videos are streamed from millions of venues. YouTube accepts a variety of formats and converts them to 16:9 wide screen, letterboxing all 4:3 content that is submitted. Flash video used to be the primary video output, but HTML5 was later adopted as the default.

YouTube Red, Premium and Music
In 2015, YouTube Red launched as a paid, ad-free service that included music videos. In 2018, Red was renamed YouTube Premium, which also offered original content. Although YouTube Premium retained the music, the music service was also separated and offered independently (see YouTube Music).

YouTube TV
Starting in 2017, YouTube announced a paid streaming service for local TV networks and certain cable channels (see YouTube TV). See video sharing site, YouTube chat and YouTube Gaming.
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They launched Nethermined after Michelle and Michael's daughter, herself a fledgling Minecraft YouTuber, had become entranced with the game but was too young to travel all over the country to the conventions available at the time.
'Also, there is a Youtuber who is not known here in America but they recently tried to steal my approved trademark-whole entire series and do it in their channel,' Jeffree said.
Lo hacemos centrandonos en el entorno de una de las cabezas visibles de la comunidad, que es el youtuber Gangsta, quien ademas tiene una gran presencia en redes sociales, otra de las razones de su eleccion.
Tu Chia a Turkish YouTuber with the account 'Best Of Taiwan' posted a video on June 4 featuring interviews with expatriates in Taiwan on questions about the starting salary for college graduates in their respective countries, and whether they consider the monthly wage of NT$27,000 (US$899) is sufficient for Taiwanese youths to live in Taipei.
A day after the YouTuber's allegations, her acquaintance Lee So-yoon and 18-year-old minor Yoo Ye-rim came forward with similar allegations.
Popular tech YouTuber Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips is infamous for dropping pricey PC hardware, but at the channel's LTX2017 event in Canada on Saturday, he dropped an exclusive first look at AMD's hotly anticipated Radeon RX Vega ahead of the graphics card's promised launch at Siggraphthis weekend.
The menu bar has Music, Style, Books, YouTubers, Quizzes, Life, Competitions and a link called Labs which invites you to take part in fan projects, texts when a certain group is live on TV or radio, pop events and trending celebrity Snapchat links on the Snapchat directory.
ALIX NORMAN meets one of the few Cypriots who is a dedicated Youtuber
Even in the case of KevJumba, a prominent Asian American YouTuber, he ambivalently recycles anti-Asian stereotypes to attract popularity (Saul, 2010).
Summary: Washington D.C [USA], Sept 3 (ANI): American singer Aaron Carter left fans talking behind his back when he was spotted hanging out with rumoured girlfriend and YouTuber Trisha Paytas.