Yu Shan

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Yu Shan


Mount Morrison,

13,113 ft (3,997 m) high, S Taiwan; highest peak on the island. It was first ascended in 1896 by a Japanese expedition.

Yü Shan


the highest peak on the island of Taiwan, in China. Yü Shan, which has an elevation of 3,997 m (according to some sources, 3,950 m), is composed of schists and quartzites and has a sharp alpine crest. Dense broad-leaved and coniferous forests are found on the slopes.

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Garvin, who at the time was teaching at Yu Shan Theological Seminary in Taiwan.
Lin Yu Shan was blind in both eyes after developing severe ocular surface disease and cornea stem cell deficiency from Stevens Johnson syndrome four years ago.
So, too, is the Chungyang Shanmo range of mountains down the spine of the island with Yu Shan (Jade Mountain) every bit as majestic as Mount Fuji in Japan and slightly higher at 12,966ft.
One such must- visit restaurant is Yu Shan Ge, which is famous for its vegetarian Kaiseki cuisine.
Lu Lihan, "Lun Ji Kang Yu Shan Juyuan juejiao shu,"
350 cnt GENERAL CARGO: Courage Wilhelmsen 21/08/11 Not scheed 245 GC Nil Fu Yu Shan Cosco 21/08/11 Not scheed 5,434 GC Nil FERTILIZER: Sea Emerald WMA Shipcare26/08/11 Not Scheduled 31,425 Dap Nil VEHICLE: Mercury Ace MOL PAK.