Yukon Territory

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Yukon Territory


a territory in the northwestern part of Canada, along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Bordering on Alaska (United States) in the west, the Yukon Territory has an area of 536,000 sq km and a population (1976) of 21,400. The administrative and economic center is Whitehorse. Other cities and towns include Watson Lake, Dawson, and Mayo. The territory occupies the eastern part of the Yukon Plateau.

The territory’s development was linked to the discovery of gold deposits in 1896 (the Klondike gold rush). Various minerals are extracted: copper at New Imperial, asbestos at Clinton Creek, silver and complex ores at Keno Hill and Anvill, coal at Carmacks, gold at Dawson, and tungsten at Tungsten. Salmon, trout, grayling, and whitefish are caught commercially.

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In summary, this is a well-written, esthetically pleasing volume on the natural and cultural history of Mayo and surrounding area in central Yukon Territory that belongs on the coffee tables of all Yukon residents and in the library of anyone with an active interest in northern Canada.
In 1998, approximately 40,000 tourists and tourism workers were affected by an influenza outbreak in Alaska and the Yukon Territory [(4)].
1 -- 3 -- color) A thick clump of birch trees stand along the Alaska Highway, top, which courses through British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.
As of August 22, active surveillance has identified few (n=46) cases and no outbreaks of influenza among residents in Alaska or the Yukon Territory.
During June-September, approximately 70,000 overland tour and cruise ship passengers visit Alaska and the Yukon Territory each week.
At the Old Crow site in the Yukon Territory, archeologists dug up bone tools that could be 27,000 years old.
The four bone tools, all of which have counterparts in more recent times, were found in 1966 along a riverbank in the Yukon Territory.
Students were drilled on whether the Dominican Republic or Grenada has a longer coastline, if the Klondike gold rush of the 1890s took place in Nova Scotia or the Yukon Territory, and whether the predominant religion in Central America is Buddhism or Roman Catholicism.
Sightseeing can include Dawson City, Yukon Territory, the Yukon River, the Yukon Wildlife Preserve and Denali National Park.
The road here wound along the shore of Kluane Lake, the largest in the Yukon Territory.

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