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But Cove were soon piling on the pressure, and Yule had a goal chalked off from Harry Milne's cross on 11 minutes.
"We'll be a good addition to the leagues and we're excited to get going," added Yule.
"And if Barcelona can blow a three-goal lead and lose by four then so can any other team!" Yule, 26, walked away from a potential League One title-winning season with Arbroath for a second spell at Cove.
Last Christmas, Animal Planet aired a repeat of the original special and this year, it appears there are no plans to broadcast the animal-themed yule log program at all.
Yule, who went to the Rio Olympics, said: "If you're preparing for a competition it's very similar to preparing to go to Afghanistan.
Viewers may join Jeff and the fiery 'Overwatch Yule Log' in the Twitch stream through this link.
You also can share a one-sentence description - that includes the day, date, time, place, admission charge (if any) and a phone number the public may call for more information - and submit it by email; by mail: Yule Log, 3500 Chad Drive, Eugene, OR 97408; drop off at The Register-Guard offices, 3500 Chad Drive; or fax 541-683-7631.
The Yule Lads is the first story available in print.
Christmas Eve father would bring in the "Yule Clog" and mother would put the finishing touches to the Christmas eve supper a dish of Frumenty.
FACT The Yule Log will be livestreamed on WPIX's site beginning Christmas Eve.
Now, as the president and CEO of ConsultNet, Yule is firmly entrenched in helping people find meaningful employment.