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Ali Asghar Chishti and XU Bin, President Open University of Yunnan signed a MOU on bilateral cooperation.
According to Routes, the event will be hosted by Yunnan Airport Group Co Ltd owners of Kunming Changshui International Airport, and supported by their partners Yunnan Provincial Civil Aviation Development and Management Bureau and Yunnan Provincial Tourism Development Commission.
About 55,000 people in Eryuan were affected by the quake, said the Yunnan Provincial Civil Affairs Department.
The provincial civil affairs bureau said more than 100,000 people were evacuated after the quake damaged or destroyed some 20,000 houses in Yunnan.
For humanitarian reasons, Yunnan Province has established seven reception areas in the China-Myanmar border area, equipping them with basic living necessities, providing necessary medical aid and taking effective epidemic-prevention measures,'' the government-affiliated Yunnan Daily reported.
On-going generation of multiple forms of HIV-1 intersubypte recombinants in the Yunnan province of China.
It took four years for government to agree to the foundation's HIV-MDS education program in Yunnan and Hunan in 1996.
Yunnan is a vital center of plant diversity, and is home to a resplendent variety of animals, such as the snow leopard, Yunnan golden monkey, the red panda, and 800 species of resident and migratory birds.
Land cost for the 26-day tour is $3,900 per person, with no additional charge for single travelers, and includes lodgings, meals and transportation in China (including air fare from Yunnan to Tibet), an ElderTreks escort and local guides.
The temperature and sunlight in Yunnan province are very conducive to the growth of both large- and small-leaf variety tea bushes.
First, the market will be developed with BYD supplying Yunnan Investment Holdings BYD e6 electric taxis to be dispatched in the main cities of Yunnan (including Kunming, Qujin, Zhaotong, Honghe, Dali and Wenshen).
1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The colorful Chinese province of Yunnan was in the spotlight on New Year's Eve in New York as Yunnan-style performances took over the 2014 Times Square New Year's Eve countdown.