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Zákinthos (zäˈkĭnthôs) or Zante (zănˈtē), Lat. Zacynthus, island (1991 pop. 32,556), c.157 sq mi (407 sq km), W Greece, in the Ionian Sea; one of the Ionian Islands. The chief town is Zákinthos, a port and trade center and the capital of Zákinthos prefecture. Wine, currants, citrus fruits, and olive oil are produced on the fertile, intensively cultivated island. According to tradition, the island was settled by persons led by Zacynthus, son of the Arcadian chief Dardanus. Earthquakes devastated the island in 1514, 1893, and 1953; it was rebuilt completely after the last quake.
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an island in the Ionian Sea; the southernmost island of the Ionian Islands. It belongs to Greece. Area, 408 sq km. It is separated from the Peloponnesus by the Zakinthos Strait (approximately 20 km wide). There is a limestone massif (756 m) in the western part with slopes that fall sharply to the sea; it is covered with maquis and phrygana. The eastern part is a hilly plain with gardens, vineyards, and olive groves. There are asphalt deposits. The main city and port is Zakinthos.

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