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2mm overall flex thickness in the ZIF area, as opposed to 0.
Lo anterior es tan obvio en la priorizacion de proyectos, que se constata durante las reuniones mantenidas por el Comite Tecnico Binacional de Desarrollo e Integracion Fronteriza (ctbdif) al interior de la Comision de Vecindad, que privilegiaron acciones de "desarrollo social", particularmente en el area de salud, como las jornadas binacionales de apoyo, el plan binacional de salud, el plan integral de salud y el proyecto de telemedicina y "desarrollo economico productivo" a traves del proyecto de agroforesteria, mientras en el componente de "fortalecimiento institucional", se concentro en el Plan de Desarrollo de la ZIF y localmente, solo contemplo el proyecto "capacitacion a autoridades locales en gestion de proyectos (Acta Final.
She said it may be "possible to manipulate Zif function into a form of therapy against diseases, including cancer.
Segun el gobernador el carbon ha sido crucial para las alianzas entre Norte de Santander y Tachira y uno de los motores principales de la ZIF.
The traditional test approaches to ZIF designs consist of numerous continuous wave (CW) parametric tests that ensure device functionality by functional block as summarized in Table 1.
The first track has examined what other policy channels, besides the short-term nominal interest rate, are available to stimulate the economy once the ZIF becomes binding.
Additionally, the VLP Series, an enhanced version of the previous SFVL Series of FPC ZIF connectors, is also available now with 0.
Unlike traditional CDMA radios, which convert radio frequency (RF) signals to and from baseband in multiple steps, ZIF radios convert incoming RF signals directly to or from baseband analogue signals.
30 mm pitch Easy-On[TM] and BackFlip[TM] FPC Connectors, the solution meets the needs of designers looking for a dual-contact ZIF connector that enables them to utilize the same PCB pattern on adjoining, parallel PCBs.
Israeli Zif hospital in Safed in occupied Palestine.
5-mm pitch tail which is compatible with flex-to-board ZIF type connectors by customer systems.
The ZIF structure requires no force for insertion/removal, and FPC side tabs prevent slanted insertion.