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The qualitative nature of the implications of the ZIF can be inferred from examining the results from the draws that did not fail under the more aggressive policy rule--see table 5.
Decision 501: Zonas de Integracion Fronteriza (ZIF) en la Comunidad Andina.
FIGURE 6 is an example of a very straightforward three-layer PCB integrated ZIF tail construction.
ZIF - 8 ([Pb.sup.0]) + [H.sub.2]O [left and right arrow] ZIF - 8 + Pb [(OH).sup.+] + [H.sup.+] + 2e
All solutions in the MSM6xxx chipset family are based on radioOne zero intermediate frequency (ZIF) architecture, providing reduced bill-of-materials (BOM) costs and ultimately more cost-effective solutions for WCDMA (UMTS) wireless devices.
on a hilltop road east of the Pnei Hever settlement, close to the Zif Highway junction.
Intersil design engineers have skillfully incorporated these modulation schemes with Intersil's proven low-cost Zero-IF (ZIF) architecture, which allows what is called direct down conversion of radio frequency signals, in crafting the PRISM GT chip set.
The MSM6050 chipset solution, which features QUALCOMM's radioOne Zero Intermediate Frequency (ZIF) technology, consists of the RFT6100, RFR6000 and RFL6000 transmit and receive chips, PM6050 power management chip, DMSS6050 software and the Subscriber Unit Reference (SURF) development platform.
1) [Page 98] and zif ??u wult al bis land; nimen to ??ire azere hond.
Three settlers killed in one car near Zif Junction were members of the same family on their way to spend Sabbath with friends.
85(Tie), Zif Dirk, Robert and Daniel, US, $3,600 million Zifavis Publishing.
The motherboard requires a zero insertion force (ZIF) socket to allow easy removal of the old chip and installation of the new one.