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The first track has examined what other policy channels, besides the short-term nominal interest rate, are available to stimulate the economy once the ZIF becomes binding.
This monetary policy approach to the problem of the ZIF is proposed in Svensson (2000).
The one-off fiscal and monetary policy interventions that we consider are effective in stimulating the economy once the ZIF has become binding.
Following the second research track, we use the Japan block of MULTIMOD to investigate the implications of the ZIF for the design of systematic monetary policy in Japan.
With Agilent's new ZIF flying leads probe, the same ZIF tip soldering point can be used with the oscilloscope for physical layer measurements or with the protocol analyzer to debug protocol problems.
Agilent's ZIF flying leads probe is designed for reliable signals and ease of probing access and includes the following features:
With the introduction of the ZIF flying leads probe, Agilent provides an industry-unique probe portfolio for PCIe 2.
According to Israeli media reports, Zif Hospital has provided treatment to 386 injured terrorists so far, while that of Nahariya has received 379 others.
The long-wire ZIF tip addresses this probing challenge.
We liked the performance of Agilent's original ZIF tip accessories, but we wanted the tips to be longer and more flexible so we can access signals that are farther apart," said Kun-Sang Yoon, vice president of Hynix's Graphics Memory Application Team.
Additional information about Agilent's N5451A InfiniiMax differential long-wire ZIF Tips is available at www.
8" ZIF - CF Adapter users can make their iPod more shock resistant and achieve fast throughput by replacing the ZIF hard drive inside their Apple iPod with the fast, reliable, and high speed Compact Flash media.