Zagul, Dmitrii Iurevich

Zagul, Dmitrii Iur’evich


Born Aug. 16 (28), 1890; died 1938. Soviet Ukrainian poet. Born in the village of Milie vo, in what is now Vizhnitsa Raion, Chernovtsy Oblast.

The son of a peasant, Zagul studied at the University of Chernovtsy. He was first published in 1912. His first volume of poetry, Drawnwork, appeared in 1913 in Chernovtsy. He was published under the pseudonyms of I. Maidan, M. Suchasnyi, S. luras’, B. Tyverets, and M. Sulamit. He moved to Russia during World War I, settling in Kiev. He gradually overcame the symbolist influence that had manifested itself in his early collections From the Green Mountains (1918) and On the Verge (1919). In the collections Our Day (1925) and Motives (1927), he lyrically describes Soviet reality. Zagul translated into Ukrainian A. A. Blok’s poem The Twelve and works by F. Schiller, J. W. von Goethe, and H. Heine. He was the first in the Ukraine to write a systematic exposition of literary theory (Poetics, 1923).


Vybrane. Kiev, 1961.