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Sara, 9, pictured in her class at Jefna school, in Zahle, Lebanon. Sara and her family are Palestinian Syrians who fled their home in Syria in 2013, after a rocket hit their house.
His father was an attorney originally from Zahle, Lebanon, and was a supporter of the Egyptian nationalist Wafd Party.
ZAHLE, Lebanon, Jan 23 (KUNA) -- Representatives of several donor nations to Syrian humanitarian efforts visited Syrian refugee shelters across Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Governorate on Tuesday.
ZAHLE, Lebanon: Nearly a year since the World Bank signed off on a $55 million loan for projects to reduce pollution in West Bekaa's Qaraoun Lake and upper Litani River, bureaucratic and infrastructural deficiencies are stalling efforts to depollute the site.
In addition to its Iraq hotels, Cristal Hotels & Resorts has three other operating hotels in the region; Cristal Itsandra Beach Hotel in Comoros, Cristal Grand Kadri Hotel in Zahle, Lebanon, and Cristal Hotel Abu Dhabi.
Hilda was born in Zahle, Lebanon, the daughter of Taft and Emilia (Ghantous) Kouri, and came to this country, settling in Worcester at the age of three.
Born in Zahle, Lebanon, on August 15, 1916, Archbishop Raya was fond of recalling how Christian joy animated his life even while in the womb.
Traces of salmonella have also been found in 16kg catering tins marked as Tahini 100% Ground Hulled Sesame Seeds, with the manufacturer's name being S H Yaman, Zahle, Lebanon PO Box 91, Saidon, Maghdoucha Crossing, Lebanon.
Posters of Lebanese Prime Minister and candidate for parliamentary election Saad al-Hariri, above, and Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah hang on poles along a street in Zahle, Lebanon, on May 4, 2018.
ZAHLE, Lebanon: Their belongings were left scattered on the ground in the place that until last week had been their temporary home near the Bekaa Valley's Riyaq military airport.
ZAHLE, Lebanon, Feb 22 (KUNA) -- The Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) announced here on Sunday that it handed out humanitarian aid to about 5,000 Syrian refugee families living in Beqaa governorate in eastern Lebanon.