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a city in Yugoslavia, in the Socialist Republic of Serbia; situated in the East Serbian Mountains, on the Timok River. Population, 19,000 (1967). It has a flour mill, a brewery, a textile mill, a tannery, and a ceramic plant. Coal is mined near Zaječar.

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"I played only for my home town Zajecar where I was born and brought up.
In the National Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia, the Corridor is reserved for planned motorway from Nis to Zajecar, as well as the potential branch construction to Vidin and to Corridor IV in Bulgaria.
Height acceleration has recently been reported in seven-year-olds in the town of Zajecar (Cukic et al., 2012), Vojvodina (Rakic), Nis (Djuraskovic et al.), Italy (Toselli et al., 2006) and Australia (Loesch et al, 2000).
esculentus Zajecar, RS M 17 F 8 M 12 Rana graeca River Gornja Tresnjica, RS F 7 M 13 Rana temporaria Sara Mountain, RS F 9 M 15 Rana dalmatina Vrazja pond, RS F 10 Table 2.
(1) aculty of Management in Zajecar, John Naisbitt University, Goce Delceva 8, Belgrade 11070, Serbia.
The project encompassed seven cities and the most visible result was the exibition promoted abroad (Paris, Brussels, Ulm and Ingolstadt, Turnu Severin), and in the cities in the Danube region included in the cultural route (Apatin, Bac, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Beograd, Pozarevac, Smederevo, Veliko Gradiste, Golubac, Kladovo, Negotin, Zajecar).
Faculty of Management Zajecar, Megatrend University Belgrade, Park Suma "Kraljevica" bb, 19000 Zajecar, Serbia
After Serbian Gorenje shareholders confirmed on August 23 that Panasonic would pay E9.6 million for 13% of shares in Gorenje, the Chairman of the Gorenje Managing Board Franjo Bobinac announced that Japanese engineers would soon come to that company and start working with local Gorenje experts on the development of a new-generation washing machines that would be produced in Zajecar starting 2015.
Teodora Talpae was trying to reach a hospital in Zajecar but was stranded when heavy snow blocked the road.