Zakaria Goneim

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Goneim, Zakaria


Born 1910; died 1959. Egyptian scholar, Egyptologist, and archaeologist.

Upon graduating from the University of Cairo in 1934, he took part in excavations at Saqqara. In 1939 he became an inspector, and later inspector-in-chief, of the Antiquities Service in Aswan, Idfu (Edfu), and the Theban necropolis. In 1951 he was transferred to Saqqara, where in 1952 he discovered the unfinished pyramid of a pharaoh, possibly Horus Sekhem-Khet of the Third Dynasty, whose period of rule has not been precisely established.


Horus Sekhem-Khet: The Unfinished Step Pyramid at Saqqara. Cairo, 1957.
In Russian translation:
Poteriannaia piramida. Moscow, 1959.