Zakharii Petrovich Liapunov

Liapunov, Zakharii Petrovich


Russian political figure of the early 17th century; brother of P. P. Liapunov.

In 1607-08 Liapunov led a detachment of Riazan’ gentry in the struggle against insurgent peasants and supporters of the Second False Dmitrii. In July 1610 he played an active role in the overthrow of V. I. Shuiskii. In September 1610 he was a member of the embassy sent to the Smolensk area to sign the treaty with the Polish king Sigismund III on the election of his son Wladystaw to the Russian throne. From Smolensk he returned to Moscow and remained there until it was liberated from the Polish interventionists by the popular army of Minin and Pozharskii.


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