in the Bible, probably the place referred to in Ps. 68.14 as Salmon.
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They are amongst the prevalent submerged habitats in Guanabara Bay being, on the other hand, less common in its inner area where mangroves are dominant (Coutinho & Zalmon, 2009).
Lloyd will play Zalmon Shaw and he is described as a charming but deadly cult leader who uses other people's tragedies and losses in order to recruit them as members of the Army of the 12 Monkeys.
A resort contemporary art gallery, Perry Sherwood (named for coowners Zalmon Sherwood and Jack Perry) has a branch in Petoskey, Mich.
and to what the great Hasidic Rabbi, Shneur Zalmon, called the "question of timeless relevance" [18] when individuals deviate from the paths of righteousness.
In 1876, for example, Zalmon Simmons began manufacturing woven wire mattresses that sold at an affordable 95 cents.
Whether viewers can make a distinction between the products of Zalmon King (``9-1/2 Weeks'') and David E.
With sleek sculptural glass, colorful tiles, mirrors, playful mobiles, and eye-catching ceramics in bright and unexpected colors, Perry Sherwood, named for owners Jack Perry and Zalmon Sherwood, bills itself as a resort contemporary art gallery.
These same characteristics also inhibit use by large-sized fish, thus offering the young fish protection against predators (Lasiak, 1981; McLachlan et al, 1981; Gaelzer & Zalmon, 2003).
The high variability in species abundance between the profiles is attributed to the irregular topography of the substrate, providing different environmental conditions on a small scale, which favors the formation of different associations of species at the same height level (Masi & Zalmon, 2008).