in the Bible, probably the place referred to in Ps. 68.14 as Salmon.
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(2008) suggested tourism as the main impact factor for the algal communities of the mediolittoral zone in Jacaraipe Beach (ES), and Zalmon et al.
Previous studies of diel variation in shore zone nekton assemblages have generally reported increased species richness, catch per unit of effort (CPUE) or density during nighttime (or both) (Horn, 1980; Ross et al., 1987; Layman, 2000; Gaelzer and Zalmon, 2008; Vasconcellos et al., 2010, 2011; Yeoh et al., 2017).
[57] Zalmon, Ilana Rosental., Werther Krohling, and Carlos Eduardo Leite Ferreira, 2011.
Lloyd will play Zalmon Shaw and he is described as a charming but deadly cult leader who uses other people's tragedies and losses in order to recruit them as members of the Army of the 12 Monkeys.
A resort contemporary art gallery, Perry Sherwood (named for coowners Zalmon Sherwood and Jack Perry) has a branch in Petoskey, Mich., as well as St.
This brings us back to God's question to Adam: "Where art thou?" and to what the great Hasidic Rabbi, Shneur Zalmon, called the "question of timeless relevance" [18] when individuals deviate from the paths of righteousness.
In 1876, for example, Zalmon Simmons began manufacturing woven wire mattresses that sold at an affordable 95 cents.
With sleek sculptural glass, colorful tiles, mirrors, playful mobiles, and eye-catching ceramics in bright and unexpected colors, Perry Sherwood, named for owners Jack Perry and Zalmon Sherwood, bills itself as a resort contemporary art gallery.
They are amongst the prevalent submerged habitats in Guanabara Bay being, on the other hand, less common in its inner area where mangroves are dominant (Coutinho & Zalmon, 2009).
In shallow environments, the use of relatively small trawls and low sampling speeds is common (Pessanha et al., 2003; Gaelzer & Zalmon, 2008; Felix-Hackdart et al, 2010; Vasconcellos et al, 2010).