Zametaev, Ignatii

Zametaev, Ignatii Petrovich


Born circa 1735, in Pereslavl’-Zalesskii; died November 1775. A follower of E. I. Pugachev after the suppression of the Peasant War of 1773–75.

Zametaev, a fugitive soldier from the Kizliarskii Regiment, was known among the people under the names of Metelkin, Metlin, and Zametaila. In early 1775, Zametaev gathered a detachment of barge haulers, who operated in the lower course of the Volga and on the northern shore of the Caspian Sea; they defeated an army unit sent against them from Astrakhan. Zametaev was captured by tsarist troops on the Don and died after many days of torture.