Zamfir Arbore

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Arbore, Zamfir


(also Z. Ralli). Born 1848 in Cher-novitsy; died 1933 in Bucharest. Moldavian writer and public figure. Born to a family of the nobility.

Arbore studied at the Kishinev Secondary School and the St. Petersburg Medical and Surgical Academy. In 1869 he was imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress for his participation in the student movement. In 1872 he fled abroad. With other emigres, he published the newspaper The Worker (1875) and the magazine The Community (1878). After 1881 he finally settled in Rumania. In 1905 he rendered moral and material support to the sailors of the Potemkin. Arbore did not understand the significance of the October Revolution in Russia and gradually drifted away from revolutionary activity. He wrote articles and statements on the Russian revolutionary democrats, of whom he considered himself to be a follower, and also on A. S. Pushkin, T. G. Shevchenko, and others. His memoirs Prison and Exile (1894) and Exile (1896), which are absorbingly written, contain valuable material on the Russian revolutionary movement of the 1870’s.


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