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or Makkah
, city (1993 pop. 966,381), capital of the Hejaz, W Saudi Arabia. The birthplace c.A.D. 570 of Muhammad the Prophet, it is the holiest city of Islam, and the goal of the annual Muslim hajj. It is c.
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, Saudi Arabia.
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The Zamzam well project is being executed in 2 phases.
He dedicated the Zamzam well to benefit Muslims, and his sons have followed his steps and are exerting more efforts to serve this blessed well.
Zamzam water project MAKKAH: The General President of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais announced the start of the Zamzam well processing project.
The length of pipelines from the Zamzam well to Kudai project is one kilometer.
According to Arab historians, the Zamzam well has been in use for around 4000 years.
Manama: Police in the Saudi city of Makkah have busted a factory used to bottle and market regular tap water as having been taken from the Zamzam well inside the Grand Mosque, Islam's holiest place.
Special care has been taken to maintain the Zamzam well, considering its spiritual significance.
automatic distribution program of the Zamzam Well water in Holy Makkah.
Summary: London, Jumada II 4, 1432, May 7, 2011, SPA -- Saudi Embassy in the United Kingdom said today that Zamzam water that flows from its primary source of Zamzam well in the Holy Makkah is not contaminated and it is fit for human consumption.
They drink from the Zamzam well and stone the three walls that represent Satan.
While Zamzam water, which comes from the Zamzam well at Makkah, is available in abundance in the coolers inside the mosque, pilgrims are unable to find bottled Zamzam water because the only sale point is located in a district that is not frequented by foreign pilgrims.
Zamzam well, which is located approximately 20 metres east of the Ka'aba, is 35 metres deep and topped by a dome.