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Pazande, the language of the Azande people, who inhabit the area between the Uele and Mbomu rivers in the Republic of Zaïre and the border regions of the Central African Republic and the Sudan. There are approximately 1.6 million speakers (1967, estimate).

The Zande sound system has eight vowels and 19 consonants. The length of the vowels sometimes has a lexical significance. Among consonants are the labiovelars: voiceless kp and voiced db. There are two different tones, which have grammatical, lexical, and syntactic significance. The tones characterize specific classes of words and are of great importance in the conjugation of verbs and in conveying case relations. There is no grammatical gender in nouns, but pronouns have four genders: masculine, feminine, animal, and inani-mate.


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The relativist might retreat to the stance that cultures must engage in reasoning in their practical affairs, whether or not they possess a theory about this reasoning, and that we should look not at theory but at how the Azande actually reason about everyday matters for a vindication of the claim that Zande reasoning is different from Western reasoning.
No one is in a better position than you to make the kids in your home, neighborhood, or community part of One Million Safer Kids," said van der Zande.
Next to Andr van der Zande, Ebba Abbate, Director of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute and Lothar Wieler, Director of the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, were appointed as IANPHIs newest Executive Board members.
The Mediqol consulting team is well respected in the United Kingdom with strong expertise in regulatory compliance for high-risk medical devices," Emergo Group CEO Rene van de Zande noted.
2009 Cooper Tires British Formula 3 International Series (provisional standings): 1 Ricciardo (AUS) 177 points; 2 Grubmuller (A) 140; 3 van der Zande (NL) 125; 4 Buzaid (BRA) 99; 5 Chilton (GB) 90; 6 Christodoulou (GB) 86.
Business Technology - Haley Beaudoin of Northbridge, Nichole Carter of Douglas, Nicole Corbin of Upton, Kayleigh Dowden of Upton, Lindsey Greenberg of Mendon, Brittany Lambert of Uxbridge, Sarah Leibrandt of Milford, Kerri Plant of Northbridge, Camila Rosa of Milford, Erin Taylor of Millbury, Amber White of Uxbridge and Angelina Zande of Blackstone.
6 seconds off the quickest lap time set by Dutch driver Renger van der Zande, Hoping to build on that performance to clinch a good starting position, a vital requirement on a circuit where overtaking is notoriously difficult, his hopes were ruined in qualifying by handling problems which dropped him to back of the grid.
More than 600 fashionistas attended its launch in Dublin's Mansion House last night, featuring top UK model Queeny Van Der Zande.
Aker Kvaerner's execution capabilities and extensive European market knowledge will complement Praj's expertise in the biofuels industry," said Wim van der Zande, managing director of Aker Kvaerner Netherlands.
We are invaded by imaginary visions of the Dinka, or the Nuer, or the Zande or the Bari tribal chiefs lording it over others as ordained by Queen Victoria and at independence endorsed by the government of Sudan.
Il se propose d'etablir les connexions entre un objet artistique tres prise des collectionneurs, les harpes dites zande, les genres poetiques que vehiculent ses utilisateurs qui sont aussi souvent leurs fabricants et le type de musique mise en oeuvre pour transmettre ces genres poetiques.
Jennings' evaluation of Zande thinking is that their logic should not be viewed as contradictory; it is merely different from that of Westerners.