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Pazande, the language of the Azande people, who inhabit the area between the Uele and Mbomu rivers in the Republic of Zaïre and the border regions of the Central African Republic and the Sudan. There are approximately 1.6 million speakers (1967, estimate).

The Zande sound system has eight vowels and 19 consonants. The length of the vowels sometimes has a lexical significance. Among consonants are the labiovelars: voiceless kp and voiced db. There are two different tones, which have grammatical, lexical, and syntactic significance. The tones characterize specific classes of words and are of great importance in the conjugation of verbs and in conveying case relations. There is no grammatical gender in nouns, but pronouns have four genders: masculine, feminine, animal, and inani-mate.


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Additionally, it will be a priority each September to promote International Child Protection Month as an opportunity to learn and share together to increase awareness of what child protection means and the actions that adult leaders can take to make a difference," added van der Zande.
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Wilson Hassan Peni, paramount chief of south Sudan's Zande tribe, periodically brutalized by the LRA over the last two years, argued that Uganda must stay because their flawed operation led to the current crisis.
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In addition, southerners were forbidden from speaking any Arabic and were only allowed to speak either English or certain local languages like those of the Dinka, Bari, Nuer, Shilluk and Zande peoples (Teny-Dhurgon).
2009 Cooper Tires British Formula 3 International Series: 1 Ricciardo (AUS) 275 points; 2 Grubmuller (A) 188; 3 van der Zande (NL) 178; 3; 4 Chilton (GB) 171; 5 Christodoulou (GB) 130; 6 Buzaid (BRA) 109.
Once the word "aragi" is capable of enacting signification in an interaction between a Dinka, a Zande, and a northerner in a way that simultaneously contrasts with the Egyptian signifier "arag," it emerges as a sign that signifies, in addition to the drink itself, an invocation, a notion, a trace of overall "Sudanesness.
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