Zane Grey

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Grey, Zane,

1872–1939, American writer of Western stories, b. Zanesville, Ohio, as Pearl Zane Gray, grad. Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1896. His melodramatic tales of the West and Southwest are vivid in topographical detail but improbable in character and situation. During his lifetime over 13 million copies of his books were sold, and his works did much to romanticize the popular image of the American West. Grey was best known for Riders of the Purple Sage (1912).


See biographies by F. Gruber (1970) and T. H. Pauly (2005); study by C. Jackson (1973, rev. ed. 1989).

Grey, (Pearl) Zane

(1872–1939) writer; born in Zanesville, Ohio. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he practiced dentistry in New York City from 1898 to 1904, when he married and left his practice to concentrate on his writing. In 1907 he made his first trip to the West and this inspired him to start writing the "dime novels" that would make him one of America's all-time most popular authors. His Westerns, such as Riders of the Purple Sage (1912), featuring stereotypical characters in adventure-laden plots, helped establish the conventions of the genre; over 100 movies have been based on his writings. He lived in California and was an avid hunter and fisherman; his nearly 80 books included several on fishing.
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Many of the authors, such as Zane Grey or Louis L'Amour, personally experienced these or similar events before writing.
Norman never got to thank Zane Grey for his short story--or Muddy-Miser who encouraged Grey's love for adventure and writing.
Zane Grey, Max Brand and Luke Short wrote of the West.
There are a total of 30 stories and they do not include Will James and Zane Grey, as the cover description suggests.
At this rate, we may soon see editions of Zane Grey and Mickey Spillane included in the American pantheon.
Not since I devoured saga after saga by that great chronicler of the American West, Zane Grey, 45 years ago have I enjoyed a story of the wide open spaces so much.
A row of separate tiny cottages, it has survived as one of the last remaining fish camps from the era when Zane Grey lounged on the verandas of such compounds, polishing dispatches on pompano for Northern vacationers.
After being guided by Keith on a pack trip, Zane Grey wrote the novel Thunder Mountain featuring the use of a sixgun at long-range.
Griffith--his limitations far outweigh his successes--as well as the pervasive presence of Zane Grey.
que tendra que ver un sioux con un seminola, un comanche con un cherokee, una arapahoe con un pawnee, acaso no leyeron a Thomas Mayne Reid y a Zane Grey, y no han visto mil westerns para saber que ni de aspecto nos parecemos?
Zane Grey, a prolific storyteller known as the "father of the western novel," achieved this dream by combining diligence and uncommon imagination.
I couldn't believe that you would list places to stay and not include the Zane Grey Pueblo (310/510-0966).