Zborov, Treaty of 1649

Zborov, Treaty of (1649)


a treaty concluded between Bogdan Khmer nitskii and the king of Poland, Jan Kazimierz, on August 8(18) after the victory of the Ukrainian army on August 5–6 (15–16) over the Polish army near the town of Zborov.

Under the Treaty of Zborov a Cossack army was stationed in Kiev, Chernigov, and Bratslav wojewodztwos, from which Polish troops and Jesuits were banned, and the number of registered Cossacks was increased to 40,000 men. Orthodox members of the Ukrainian gentry were to be appointed to administrative posts, and the question of abrogating the ecclesiastical Union of Brest of 1596 was to be decided by the Sejm in Warsaw. As a result of the treaty the Dnieper Region remained under the authority of the Ukrainian hetman, and the position of the Polish gentry and government was weakened, which to a certain extent satisfied the Ukrainian feudal lords, the Cossack elders, some of the registered Cossacks, and the clergy. But the treaty did not correspond to the interests of the broad popular masses since the peasants remained under the domination of the Polish gentry, who re-turned to their estates. Under the treaty the Ukraine remained, as before, a part of the Polish Commonwealth. The outrage of the popular masses, the sharpening of class contradictions in the Ukraine, and the Poles’ unwillingness to observe the conditions of the treaty (the Sejm failed to ratify it) brought about the renewal of fighting at the beginning of 1651.


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