Zbigniew Cybulski

(redirected from Zbyszek Cybulski)

Cybulski, Zbigniew


Born Nov. 3, 1927, in Kniaze; died Jan. 8, 1967, in Wroclaw. Polish motion-picture actor.

Cybulski graduated from the Kraków State Theater School in 1953. After performing in theaters in Gdańsk and Warsaw, he made his film debut in 1954. Cybulski became famous through his roles in A. Wajda’s Ashes and Diamonds (1958) and J. Kawalerowicz’s The Train (1959; Soviet title, The Mysterious Passenger).

As an actor, Cybulski belonged to the romantic school; his performances were expressive, unrestrained, and emotionally taut. On the screen, he epitomized the generation to which he belonged and portrayed its quests and its yearning for the truth. Among Cybulski’s best roles were Ryś in Love at Twenty (1962), Wiktor in How to Be Loved (1962), Captain Zientek in The Criminal and the Girl (Soviet title, The Girl From the Bank, 1963), and Janek in Full Speed Ahead (1967).


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