Zdenko Hans Skraup

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Skraup, Zdenko Hans


Born Mar. 3, 1850, in Prague; died Sept. 10, 1910, in Vienna. Austrian chemist.

Skraup was a professor at the Technische Hochschule in Graz from 1886 to 1906, when he became a professor at the University of Vienna. His research dealt mainly with synthesizing and defining the structure of alkaloids of the quinine group. In 1880, Skraup obtained quinoline by heating a mixture of aniline, glycerine, and sulfuric acid in the presence of nitrobenzene (the Skraup synthesis). His research on isomeric pyri-dinecarboxylic acids is well known. Skraup also studied carbohydrates and proteins; in 1901 he discovered cellobiose.


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