Zdunska Wola

Zduńska Wola


a city in Poland, in Łódź Województwo. It is situated on the Brodnia River, a tributary of the Warta. Population, 29,000 (1970). Railroad junction. Major industries include the production of textile equipment, cotton and wool textiles, knitted goods, clothing, and processed food.

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While he hurriedly departed his native Zdunska Wola in Poland in the fall of 1939 to get away from the conquering Germans, he didn't exactly have a viable alternative.
14 on the section of Ldz Kaliska - Zdunska Wola from km 0,502 to km 43,020 within the framework of the CEF project "Work on lined oil lines No.
Contract notice: Design and execution of works "work on the railway lines 14, 811 on the section ldz kaliska - zdunska wola - ostrow wielkopolski, phase i: lodz kaliska - zdunska wola.
Contract notice for Construction of the county road which is the link road to the node s8 - zdunska wola east.
4914 on the section Annopole New - Zamlynie in the district of Zdunska Wola.
determining the object and the size or scope of the contract: The contract is for the supply of laboratory reagents in 2016 to the National Veterinary Institute - National Research Institute in Pulawy and the Department PIWet-PIB - Department of Foot and Mouth Disease in Zdunska Wola.