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see corncorn,
in botany. The name corn is given to the leading cereal crop of any major region. In England corn means wheat; in Scotland and Ireland, oats. The grain called corn in the United States is Indian corn or maize (Zea mays mays).
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, in botany.



any one plant species of the genus Euchlaena of the family Gramineae. The most common species is E. mexicana, an annual reaching 3 m tall and resembling maize. The staminate spikelets are gathered into terminal panicles; the pistillate spike-lets are in small distichous ears located in the leaf axils. The fruit is a caryopsis. E. mexicana is found in Mexico, where it grows as a weed in corn plantings. Teosintes are cultivated in southern North America and various other regions for hay, as green feed, and sometimes as cereal plants.


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